Do you want to become a certified fascia focused movement teacher?

Join this unique opportunity to certify as a Moving Fascia® Teacher:

Advance your understanding of connective tissue through practical application.

Integrate a broad repertoire of effective self fascial release techniques into your existing practice.

Grow your critical thinking, recognising the root cause of movement restrictions from an integrated ‘whole body’ approach.

Gain new practical tools that inspire your programming of client specific sessions.

Learn through your own experience, driving your understanding of fascia and anatomy into practice.

Hi, I’m Ana Barretxeguren,
creator of Moving Fascia®

I am a movement specialist, Pilates teacher and myofascial release practitioner. My practice explores the fluid and transformative quality of breath and movement.

Through self-enquiry, a passion for anatomy and my extensive work helping people recover from injury, I have created Moving Fascia ®.

I believe that anatomy needs to be experienced through the felt sense, so I developed a programme in which we explore the fascial architecture through theory, embodiment, self-myofascial release and movement techniques.

I suffer from catamenial pneumothorax, a rare condition where I experience repetitive lung collapses. This has led me to a continuous investigation of fascia, focusing on the visceral space and its connections to breath and movement.

“The study of embryonic origins and the cellular world of fascia can have a huge impact and relevance on how we explore the body in movement”

My passion for anatomy has led me to study Anatomical Sciences at an academic level

I hold a Postgraduate Diploma in Anatomical Sciences from the University of Edinburgh and have over 500 hours of human dissection research in the dissection lab.

I have extensive clinic practice as a Myofascial Release and Visceral manipulation practitioner and have been an educator in various Pilates teacher trainings for the past 12 years. I founded Evolve Movement Education in 2013 and I am the owner of Brighton Pilates Studio, a Pilates and health centre in Brighton.

Course Schedule

This is an online course combining live training, on demand videos, follow up support and a private community forum.
Learn the in-depth Moving Fascia repertoire through experiential movement and self release techniques that enhance mobility, awareness, stability and integration through a full body approach.

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Live Training Schedule - Sept 2021 intake

Course Objectives


Follow up online support

Final assessment and Certificate

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Moving Fascia Teacher Training is a dynamic hybrid training, combining live training sessions with on demand videos and self study. Online enrolment is only open at selected times in the year so we can support our students through their training journey in the best way possible. Join the waiting list and be the first to hear when enrolment opens.

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The Moving Fascia® Educational Pathway

Our flexible framework allows you to design your own fascia focused educational pathway to become a qualified Moving Fascia® practitioner, teacher or to incorporate new techniques into your existing practice.
Complete individual modules in your own order, at your own pace and learn in a way that makes sense to you as a movement educator or bodyworker.

Who is Moving Fascia Teacher Training for?

The Moving Fascia method can be integrated into all movement disciplines.
This course is for movement teachers (Pilates, yoga, Feldenkrais, personal training and other modalities) as well as manual therapists (massage, osteopathy, physiotherapy...)
Incorporate a connective tissue approach into your existing practice.

For yoga teachers

For movement teachers

For Pilates teachers

For manual therapists


Pay in instalments

We offer you the flexibility to book your place and pay in four monthly instalments.

Get in touch with the
Course Co-ordinator at for more information on our payment plans.


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Pay in full

Moving Fascia® certificate after completion of final assessment

Live online stream and recorded sessions

30 course hours

Student online platform with all recordings and materials

Private Moving Fasica teacher training community forum

Downloadable PDF Manual

Follow up discussion session for extra support

Final assessment

Private apraisal with Principal Educator, Ana Barretxeguren

1 year access to all online resources


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