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We are committed to providing students with the highest standard of comprehensive Pilates teacher training, deepening the student’s understanding of anatomy and enhancing their education in the Pilates method and movement science.

Ana Barretxeguren

Tansy Blaik-Kelly

Ulala Yamamoto

“We prepare our students to have an integral view of the body in movement and adjust and tailor each session to the client’s specific needs.”

The student experience

“The amount of support we got throughout the programme was incredible”

Matteo, qualified in January 2021

Student testimonial

Lucy's story

Having completed a degree in contemporary dance at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, Lucy came to Pilates with a curiosity in movement focused on health rather than aesthetics.

Student testimonial

Eve's story

Having discovered the improvements in her own mobility and strength from Pilates, she was inspired to train as a Pilates teacher to try and help others with similar conditions.

Student testimonial

Matteo's story

Matteo first found Pilates when recovering from injury and working in a demanding job as a menswear designer. In 2019, he took the leap and started the journey to become an instructor himself.

Student testimonial

Jane's story

With a degree in zoology and having worked as an anatomy course coordinator, Jane began her Pilates training with plenty of experience of anatomy.

Student testimonial

Kelly's story

Already a mat work Pilates instructor, Kelly was eager to qualify as a comprehensive teacher. She came to Evolve looking for a deeper understanding of the Pilates method and apparatus.


Prospective students must meet the following criteria:

Must be at least 21 years of age

Must have an appropriate level of knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology*

Must have Maths and English GCSE

Have no injuries or health conditions that would prevent performance of exercises over the course of the programme

Must have a qualification in Pilates or another field related to bodywork and movement (Pilates mat training, yoga, dance, osteopathy)
Have attended at least 100 hours of Pilates classes and be proficient with an intermediate level class

Course fees

Training programme

144 hours

All 9 modules of the course

Module study manuals

Learning materials & presentations

Movement and self-release sessions


Payment can be made in full or in instalments.
Contact the Course Co-ordinator for further details.

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Student Apprenticeship

590 hours

Attendance and participation in all student review lectures (24 hours)

50 hours of studio classes

300 hours of observation and supervised teaching

200 hours of self-practice and movement research

Completion of 3 appraisals with the Course Director


/ 12 monthly instalments

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